Please visit each booth and collect all stamps where the number of booths is written. If you complete collecting all stamps, you will get a chance to draw a lot for the winning prizes(a limited run of 37 persons). Please submit the paper completed collecting stamps to the register by 4:00 pm on Saturday April 27.

  • Date & Time: 16:30, April 27(Sat), 2019
  • Location: Room 1 (Convention center 2nd Fl, Grand Ballroom B)
  • Prize
  • 1ST
    (1 Persons)
    LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask

  • 2ND
    (2 Persons)
    Dyson Supersonic HairDryer

  • 3RD
    (5 Persons)

  • 4TH
    (20 Persons)
    Starbucks Gift Card (KRW 20,000)