Speaker Guidelines

Thank you very much for agreeing to be an invited speaker for the 39th KSCCM conference. Each invited speaker is requested to submit a 1~3 pages lecture note for the inclusion of the Conference Proceedings. Please submit your lecture note and CV until March 22(Fri), 2019.

Lecture note closing date: March 22(Fri), 2019.


Your brief biography is required to help us give introductions at the congress.
Material to be obtained may be open to the public through the congress website,
newsletter, publication and etc. The preferred format is as follows:

  • Biographies must be: Limited to 300 words or less, Saved as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc or *.docx)

Presentation Slide

Please submit your presentation slides using the lecture note site from our conference web page (2019.accc.or.kr) no later than Friday, April 19, 2019

If not, you can hand deliver them to us upon your arrival at the meeting venue.
All speakers are requested to prepare their presentation slides in the following formats:

  • Presentation slides must be saved in Power Point(*.ppt or *.pptx), Adobe Acrobat(.pdf) or Flash(.swf)
  • Video files must be saved in Windows Media(.wmv)
  • If you want to use Apple Macintosh, you need to bring your laptop to the preview room at the congress at least 2 hours before your session and check if it works properly.


To write your abstract(s), follow the format below:

  • Abstract must be:
    - Limited to 1~3 pages, typed in 12 point font size, Saved as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc or *.docx)

Contact Us

Arrangement Committee for the Korea Society of Critical Care Medicine Academic Conference

Ho Geol Ryu

Associate professor

Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Seoul National University College of Medicine,

Seoul National University Hospital

E-mail: hogeol@gmail.com

KSCCM E-mail: ksccm@ksccm.org